Some Frequently Asked Questions:

One purpose of our website is to help you make the most educated decision while looking for the perfect Cedar Rapids party bus for your event or party. And as such, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive on a daily basis. We hope that these questions and their answers further help you to make the best choice for your needs.

Q: Do we get charged more for going over the time limit?

A: You would only be charged the hourly rate that we agreed upon at the time of booking for any extra time you have over your original time frame.

Q: Are we allowed to smoke on the bus?

A: Smoking is not permitted on our buses and limos because we would like to keep our upholstery clean and fresh for all our customers. However, while with us, you can make as many stops as necessary for smoke breaks, bathroom breaks, etc.

Q: Are we allowed to drink on the bus?

A: It would not be a party if you couldn't! Feel free to bring your own beverages on the bus and drink them if you and your guests are of legal drinking age! Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are allowed on our buses!

Q: Do you provide alcoholic beverages for us to enjoy?

A: Unfortunately we do not provide alcoholic beverages. In order to keep costs low so more people can enjoy our services, we do not have the proper liquor license to distribute alcohol.

Q: Should the buses be cleaned?

A: We would appreciate it if the buses arrived back to us in the same condition that they left.

Q: Will you travel further for my special event?

A: Our service area page shows all the cities we cover, but with enough advance notice, we will drive further for you. However, trips more than 50 miles outside the Cedar Rapids area may result in additional fees.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

A: Yes, we do require a deposit. Give us a call and we can take your deposit on a credit card right over the phone to secure your party bus.